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Serial Malake Gedayan Part 10

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Serial Malake Gedayan Part 10

Serial Malake Gedayan part 10 with highest quality

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This episode begins with past events. Leia and Jalal are at the wedding and Shabir is there as a witness. It turns out that Shabir and the queen work together and are partners. Shabir says to him: In this world, if you can trust only one person, I will be that person! Arya has gone to see Afra and one of Kawkab’s people tells him: Go to this boy as soon as possible and pass him, if Kokab comes and sees that he is here, a struggle will happen.

Serial Malake Gedayan Half 10

Aria: You’re very cheeky Afra. My last word is that the lie you told me will get me out of here, not the things I saw here.

Afra: Didn’t anyone tell you not to go?
Aria: I mean, believe me, do you really want me to go?
Afra: We are not for each other. Go
Arya: So why did you come to me? If you were in love with me, then what would you say now? If you had any other intention then why do you deny it now?

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