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Malake Gedayan Part 6

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Malake Gedayan Part 6

Malake Gedayan Half 6: Afra accompanies Alborz to go away the nation illegally, however she is unhappy and upset by this separation.
The 2 are sadly separated and Alborz leaves for Turkey to go to Germany. Afra has to sit down subsequent to his mom within the live performance within the first row with the recommendation and order of Aria. Afra is able to go to her fiancé Aria’s live performance, Arya’s mom is none apart from Leia, the solar sister, and Alborz aunt!

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Afra goes to Mahnaz to get garments from him. Mahnaz provides her some fashionable garments and makes her as much as be able to go to the live performance.
There’s a dialogue between them.
Afra asks Mahnaz: Have you ever ever seen the queen?
Mahnaz: Why are you asking? Do you need to know what the queen seems like?
Afra: Sure, I simply need to see the queen as soon as.

Mahnaz turns into curious and asks her: What do you need to do for those who see the queen?
Afra: What ought to I do?
Mahnaz: Do you need to kill him?
Afra: Don’t fret …

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