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Malake Gedayan Part 4 – Malake Gedayan Series

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Malake Gedayan Part 4

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Alborz injects an ampule into Afra, which causes paralysis. Alborz says that if you do not answer my questions for 10 minutes, you will be paralyzed for the rest of your life.

Afra starts talking and says: You cannot blame me. A person named Queen ordered me to deny your identity and keep you with me. Alborz says: Why is my mother working with them?
Afra says: I don’t know, maybe she took the money, maybe threatened her. Watch Online Malake Gedaian Part 4

Malake Gedayan Part 4

At the same time, the phone of one of the girls who works there rings. They give the phone to Alborz and someone makes an appointment with him. He says: Come to Muftabad at night, the queen wants to see you. Behind all these stories is a person named Queen (Queen of Beggars), she is versatile of this story and the screenwriter of the story of the Queen of Beggars who gives orders to everyone and also instructs her to save Alborz. In between Afra’s confessions, Sarah takes her dollars from Dariush to leave the gallery, but then Dariush takes Sarah’s car in the middle of the road.

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