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Ghoorbaghe Part 8

Ghoorbaghe part 8 Series: Ramin asks Nouri to keep him in his villa. When Ramin wakes up, he asks Nouri to fix his room and give him clothes. Soroush gets involved with Ramin and tells him that he is very rude and wants to be like Nouri. In the yard of the villa, Ramin meets a girl who is Leila, Nouri’s sister. This is when Soroush arrives. He fights with Ramin again and even threatens him that he no longer has the right to talk to Leila

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On the way back from the hospital, Ramin and Leila are once again in the car together. Ramin tries to inform Leila about the truth of her brother’s hypnosis, but eventually Leila realizes and wants to take him away from her brother. ‌ So she separates from Ramin and takes him out of the car. As soon as Ramin got out of Leila’s car, the intelligence officers arrived and, as if pursuing her, they immediately arrested her and took her to the police station.

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